Friday, January 11, 2008

Days of Future Passed

Passed my day
with the dragon
from the clouds,
and my night
with a waning moon.
Listened to
what the cricket sang,
a lullaby perhaps
for the river slept
deep in the jungle.
Next morning
leaves wore
the shining trinkets of the dew,
and a blue rainbow
filtered through
the color of the skies.
The few rose that blossomed
their fragrance I savored,
and drank their beauty.
Over the green hill
I searched for the fairies
the one who danced last night
in the glow of the moonlight;
chased the rabbit
that lived on the moon,
and sang with the foxes
howling in unison.
Among the trees
in the dense of the forest,
looked for the elves
of unparalleled beauty.

I passed the days of future
in wonderment
leaving behind the miseries
of my sad present.

As I rode high
on the wishes of happiness and joyous future
that you've sent,
I dreamt, I dreamt, I dreamt.


PS : Title and cover art from the Moody Blues 1967 release 'Days of Future Passed', my most favorite band and my most favorite album.

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