Thursday, December 04, 2008

A day in the life of S for Me and C for Crazy

These will be written in bulleted format (Ask 'Why').
  • Getting up an hour before the alarm rings and enjoy the feeling of being ahead of the time.
  • Office is nicely decorated and all set for tomorrow's Christmas Party.
  • Listen to Jazz with lights switched off.
  • Laziness leads to fried rice in dinner (Recipe : Prepare rice in MW, cut onions, fry the cooked rice with onion and cumin seeds in oil, add chili and salt).
  • Say 'crap' as 'keeraaaap'; its not fun but still worth trying.
  • Spend half hour to zero on the word that will be mispronounced tomorrow.
  • Take bathroom singing seriously, it motivates one for taking a bath.
  • Equating girls to evil leads to horrific results.
Ok 8 points down the line, boredom prevails; so here's finishing off with the thought of the Night.

To know everything is neither possible nor necessary.


Adrenaline Junkie...Pranav said...

hey shashank bhaiyya...nice to see a light hearted post from u...i almost thought i was reading someone else's blog...
and ok i ask "why" if u shed some light on the last one...

Balaji R Sharma said...

I agree..nice, for a change. A few quick questions then, if I may fire right away.

1. Bathroom singing, huh? No roommates, I take it. We get killed for trying anything remotely close to bathroom singing down here.

2. Fried rice? When did you upgrade from plain old noodles and baked potatoes?

3. Not as much question as a very humble opinion. Equating gals to evil can be dangerous more than horrific. Please be careful.. men have paid dearly for underestimating the female species, apparently.


Pranav, lesson for life :)

Never ask a crazy guy 'why', for they keep looking for opportunities to derive pleasure in saying, "I dont know".


Last one was just a result of some light hearted banter with some female colleagues about proving mathematically that Women are 'root' of all evil.


@ Bala

Its day in life of S for Me and C for Crazy, very specific; so if you try applying any of these in your 'going-good' life, chances are that you will end up derailing :)

2 - Arre u guys never tasted the good food that I cook, else u wld not have said so, ask Ravi, he once ate Stir fried vegetables (Schezwan style) prepared by urs truly :)

3 - Here's the crazy answer, "I Dont Care", at least not now ;)