Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rhyme with a lil' Slime and some Grime :)

I need to write something; first the reasons WHY

  • I need to get over 'Rab Ne Paka Di Thodi'.
  • I need to get over another home draw by Chelsea.
  • I need to keep up with Baba Sehgal; 'Pump Up Your Style'.


Rhyme of the Day

Mere Nahane Ka Style hai
Mere Gaane ka Style hai
Khaana Banane ka style hai

Mere Aane ka style hai
Mere Jaane ka style hai
Ladki Ghoomane ka style hai

Mere Naam mein style hai
Mere Kaam mein style hai
Subah Shaam mein style hai

Slime of The Day

Yaad hai mujhe woh din
Jab jalaye the baal
aur giraye the chawal apni pant par
Jab Tuesday ko dekhi thi 'A Wednesday'
2:40 par pakdi thi '1:40 ki last local'
khaye the kisi ne Flowers ke petal
Main chahta tha kehna
ban gaye tum April Fool
tha woh mahina lekin December
jab giraye the chawal apni pant par
Yaad hai mujhe ....
Yaad hai mujhe ....

Grime of The Day

Ek sharif aadmi ki Frankfurt mein hui jam ke dhunai,
in do badmasho ko mujh par zara bhi daya nahi aayi,
You may ask me 'who the hell were they',
Ab kya kahoon ki yeh the Aparajita aur Samyukta ke bhai :)


.Order Reversed In, Rest The For Pointers (<- Read )
  • Aparajita and Samyukta are fictional, their brothers aren't.
  • I can croon 'Yaad Hai Mujhe' just like a certain Atif Aslam.
  • Call me StyleGuru, I hate being called a Bhai, no matter if its style related :0

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GuNs said...

Hiii there!

I'm back to India and back to blogging. Only a couple of posts put up recently but I hope to start being regular again.

How have you been doing?