Monday, December 22, 2008

Ensuing Fall

When it falls
will let you have a taste of it,
till then
you need to try
and continue doing so;
for I am still
able to bear the pain.
I am crazy,
calling me insane
wont get you anywhere,
for I know this well
and I dont deny
so harder you got to try.
more painful
scathing, full of hurt and harm;
that's how you need to hit me
and it will surely fall.
It's not a promise,
mere destiny
just that it will take a while,
for I am thick skinned
more than strong willed,
as wrongly perceived.
But then
I am human
and humans fall,
so do tears;
So have no fears,
I will let you win in the end
till then let me fight my tears
and defend :)

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1 comment:

Balaji R Sharma said...

"I am human
and humans fall,
so do tears;"

Loved the poem..these lines in particular. Simple, yet moving.