Monday, August 10, 2009

Quick Review (or say Opinions)

As I sat waiting for one more night to start, I listened to three new Hindi albums; Wanted, Toss and Fox. Amazingly, all three of them had English titles :)

This isn't a review, mere opinion based on one quick listening.

Fox is a drab album with nothing working for it (at least for me). Wonder how Monty Sharma was able to give that fabulous music in Saawariya (the only good thing about that otherwise forgetful movie). Looks like MS is Uttam Singh of current times; in fact Uttam Singh gave quite decent music in a few other movies apart from Dil To Pagal Hai; Gadar and Dushman being the ones I recall instantly.

Toss has music by Sandesh Shadnilya and some new bloke Siddharth Suhaas whom I have never heard before. I will skip the remixes as they are seldom good and often fillers. Sandesh Shandilya has come up with great music every once in a while. His 'Suraj hua Madhyam' was as per me the only good thing about the drab K3G; I still recall the beautiful melodies of Rules: Pyar ka Superhit Formula; Socha Na Tha had some decent tracks and 'Aaoge jab tum' from Jab We Met was not bad either.
Toss starts with two good chill out lounge tracks composed by Sandesh and then three crappy numbers by the other guy. The punjabi number is crap or say there's nothing worth remembering about it. Then there are two numbers with pop-rock sound to it, which is something that has no novelty in it anymore. Lyrics are forgetful, making sure that there's nothing hummable in the album :)

Wanted has music by Sajid-Wajid, another bunch of those not so talented guys who have been flocking the Bollywood music scene off late (Amar Mohile, Pritam Chor, Monty Sharma, Salim Sulaiman and so on and so forth). Anyways, Wanted is one album where one knows what to expect, given Sajid-Wajid's past record. The album has a few dance numbers (Love Me, Ishq Vishq, Jalwa) (that is songs with some beats and lots of oh oh oh, ooh ooh ooh kinda sound and then some dholak sholak and punjabi thrown in between). It also has typical Sajid-Wajid puppy-pop number which tries to be too sugary, too rhythmic, too romantic, too much lovey-dovey, except that it fails on all account as these kinda Sajid-Wajid numbers often do ('Mitwa Re' from Hello, 'Rab Kare' and Duppatta song from Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, etc etc etc). Then there is a song with arabic sound to it, lesser said (or heard) of it the better. BTW, Jalwa song is pathetic (although there's no real need to state that). There's a Wanted theme song, which is again nothing new (except that you get to hear Salman delivering some lines meant for front benchers and some other chaman singer singing something) and the album ends with a desi sounding song with jabardasti ki tweeter beats to it. This song tries too hard to come across as a no tension vension, full of fun song, but it achieves only this much. I guess a bit less of beats/electronica and 'ooh aah, hai hai, chom chom, hurrrrrr' would have probably resulted in a better song with listeners (some of them) perhaps finding the lyrics fancy.

Of the three albums, I would say the only song that I remember and will probably listen again is 'Ishq Vishq'; nothing great about it, just that one still needs to survive mediocrity.

Moral: Nights can be wasted in a better manner :)

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