Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Music Review - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani

Went through the whole APKGK (that's Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani in a supposedly hep way), till the last song 'Tu Jaane Na' which was perhaps the only decent song of the album. They have four versions of the song, main one being sung by Atif 'There's-something-struck-in-my-throat' Aslam, who kinda spoils the otherwise awesome start to the song. There are quite a few one hit wonders, more I listen to Atif 'See-previous-line-for-this-space' Aslam, more I feel he qualifies as one.
Kailash Kher sings the unplugged version of the same song, does a decent job but somehow the song never attains the heights of ecstasy which you otherwise feel with most Kailash Kher songs. Perhaps, Pritam 'Chor' Da helming the music arrangements has something to do with that.
Other versions of this song and other songs of the album are not worth wasting time, space and effort.

Another ordinary album that will perhaps do well to remain in heart of listeners for a month or so, thanks to constant airplay on radio/TV (as a part of advertising and marketing campaign), before fading into obscurity.

PS. Please, let me know why 'Gajab' is spelt as 'Ghazab'? Were they trying not to make the listener remember that gem of a movie that had Tusssshar (Sorry if missed a few S'es there) Kapoor movie.

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EDITED :) Just figured that Tussssshar starred in 'Gayab' not 'Gajab', so apologies to readers of this entry, who thought I am crazy (which I am anyways, but still).


Adrenaline Junkie...Pranav said...

THankfully AKBKBHGJHK (did i get that right?!) songs haven't started blasting our radio sets as yet!

But I hope you've listened to Mohit Chauhan's "Fitoor"...quite an album it is...most reminiscent of the past glory days of IndiPop...will wait for your review on that one.

musingswidmustardsauce said...

You were right about Gaayab v/s Ghazab.
BTW, 'Ghazab" was an old (Dharmender Pa Ji in a double role) starrer of the early eighties that had just one thing great about it - a melodious song by Amit Kumar - "Jaaneman, Jaanejigar, Jaan-e-tamanna, Jaan le....".

One question for which I have not been able to find the answer is: Who sung the lines "Shining in the setting sun...." in "Tera Hone Laga Hoon"? Is that Neeraj Shridhar? I searched a lot but couldn't confirm that out. Any idea?