Friday, October 02, 2009

Gandhi Jayanti

I am not sure if I should say 'Happy Gandhi Jayanti' or 'Gandhi Jayanti ki haardik shubhkaamnaye', for firstly, I don't know if that's the right greeting and secondly, I dont know if this even applies in current times.

There are people who worship this great man, considering him a saint, without possessing any of the values the great man stood for. It's like knowing him has become a fad. Ironic, that with each passing year, Gandhi ji continues to attain more and more popularity where as at the same time, the values and philosophies he suggested continue to become more and more obscure.

There's another bunch of people, who hate Gandhi ji. Without any understanding of the times in which he lived and anchored India's quest for freedom, they hold him responsible for all right and wrong things forgetting that its much easy to look back at history and criticize.

What Gandhi ji deserves is not sainthood or worship, but perhaps respect for what he had done for the nation. 'Mahatma', 'Rashtrapita' are salutations that people like us created, it was not him who took those titles. He would better be a human than a saint or god, for he knew he wasn't one.

Here's one song from Kavi Pradip, summarizing very well the current state we live in, and how Gandhi ji would have felt seeing his children living in such a state.


Adrenaline Junkie...Pranav said...

"Satya", "Ahimsa" and "Karm" are i suppose mere words today. Dishonesty and Terrorism rule the roost. And those who do try to take up the righteous path are laughed upon. Bapu has been relegated to statues and roads named after him.
I wouldn't say our country is doomed, its definitely progressing, thanks to the efforts of certain people who still believe in "Work is Worship". But it certainly would have been in a lot better state had we tried to instill his ideals starting about 6 decades back.
Hope the man doesn't have to wake up from his grave and say "Hey Ram" again!


You are right Pranav. Sadly, I dont know what else to say.