Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mixed Emotions

In a sea of mixed emotions
I swam
and memories kept floating
for a long,
long time
even the time thought of
flying for a while,
leaving me aside
amidst the sea of mixed emotions.

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As the title suggests, this poem is about having mixed emotions, in fact considerable mixed emotions. These mixed emotions are picture of one's confused state of mind, when one is not sure of one's emotions, feelings or mental state; in fact this can even be extended to behavior.

If one could peep inside the head of the protagonist, perhaps one would see a sad tumult, hear a clamorous pandemonium. The extent of this state is enormous (hence the usage of sea), so huge that even time knows nothing about its boundaries. The act of swimming indicates that the protagonist is not to be freed from this state soon, there's no immediate escape for him/her and that he/she is struggling with these mixed emotions. What's giving rise to these mixed emotions are memories which refuse to fade away and thus continue to float irrespective of time passing by.

Last few lines are indicative of the fact that how sometimes things (including one's state of mind, one's feelings and emotions) just stand still, even though physically, time continues to pass and move on.


Akanksha said...

Good 1 Shashank!!!


Dhanyawaad Bhabhi ji :)

Jas said...

definitely not your best :)


koi nahi paaji, I will try to do better next time.

Kam se kam tumne samay nikal kar ise padha yahi kya kam hai :)

deep said...

...was it so long that even time thot of flying... [:o]

vishva said...

Can do better

pranjuli said...

Too emotional bro...

MavericK said...

Halaali se pehle, bakre ki stithi ka bahut hi achha vivran kiya hai aapne ! ;-)

~manndeep~ said...

I actually love this short poem as I more often than not find myself in that exact sea of mixed emotions.

Hope all's well.