Friday, June 08, 2007

Aboard the Ship of Mixed Emotions

A circle red and a circle black
Past, present they all are back.
Face it now and you'll regret
Days of the Sun that never set.
But for whose fight, whose cause
Pain that's peeling the sad remorse.
Understand the implications, future's holding in hand
Compromise is compromise, your losses cannot be your gains.
So feel the tremor beneath your feet
As its vital than the heart beat.

there's always a circle we want to trace
on which lies the point where all ends met
and Yet,
we could end up being on a line
there's a one for you and there's one mine.

Wrote these lines while I was alone on the Hartford airport earlier this week. There wasn't a soul on the terminal as there were no US Airways flight during nights. The terminal was damn cold and with inadequate clothing, sleep was impossible. So I thought I should pass my time reading 'Seeing' by Saramago, which indeed was terrific, but the night seemingly was much longer than the novel itself and finally I ended up writing this one in the early hours of the morning.

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