Saturday, June 09, 2007

just a few rambles (all in smalls)

nothing lifts your mood than a few good songs, so after my dose of 'mujhko dafna kar woh jab wapas jaayenge' and other such Attaullah Khan songs that have been running continuously since last night, I shifted gears to the lovey dovey sound of QSQT. 'Gajab ka hai din socho zara', hmmm socho man, isnt it magic that nothing seems to be right in life and yet there's light, there's life :).

'Kya karoon mera yeh haal hai, raat din tumhara khayal hai', but that doesnt help much either, does it. Oh BTW, the 'all in small' clause has been broken quite a bit already, 12 times to be precise, like everything else even this didnt work out as per the plan.

But who cares, 'Akele hain to kya gam hai :) '.

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GuNs said...

Howdy again pardner.

Good to see you posting regularly. Too bad I havent been reading up on blogs recently. Will try to get back again.