Thursday, May 01, 2008

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Shall I chat a bit
or just keep lying down.

Shall I visit the nearby cafe
and sip a book or two.

Shall I finish those pending lines
or start a few, not meant to finish.

Shall I just take a long walk
with no purpose or intent.

Shall I keep looking from my window
at the children enjoying a spring Sunday morn.

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Balaji R Sharma said...

The smaller pleasures of life - a walk to nowhere, taking in sights we refuse to notice in the hustle-bustle of busy times. Feels good. Nice - liked the style, musings left dangling. We ask the same of ourselves, too.


yeah absolutely right. I actually wrote it under the influence of Ruskin Bond's The Lamp is Lit, so obvious pointers to smaller pleasures of life :)

The irony is we (atleast I) keep thinking but never really indulge myself in these :(

Anonymous said...

And I keep my self immersed in it the maximum number of times which has led to a small state of inactivity, but I knwo I will spring back rejuvenated...:)


yeah very right, too much of anything is bad :)

khair apna naam pata batate dost to aur bhi accha tha, par koi nahi, sab kuch jaan lena mumkin bhi nahi aur jaroori bhi nahi :)