Thursday, May 01, 2008

A Night of The Monsoon Rains

Raindrops on the window pane
Amongst the clouds is a moon so wane

We continue to talk thorugh the photograph
These mischevious eyes of yours trying to conceal the laugh

Raindrops on the tin roof create music of the night
A small rivulet by the road is just coming to life

A smell of wet earth fills the senses
This aint a night to ignore your stealthy glances

So we'll pass the night by the window sill
You somewhere, and I enjoying the monsoon thrill

Cos' tonight the sleep will be hard to come by
As always, all else will pass, except You and I.

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Anonymous said...

Shashank bhai,
Reminds me of the Colonial Cousins song Indian Rain. Well said,Sir.


yaar jisne bhi comment likha hai, bahut bahut dhanyawaad :)

yup I remember that song as well, nice song from a nice album, they cld never it after such a nice start.